Drone Analytics Platform for The Industrial Intelligence Age

We Are Building The Future of Industrial and Commercial Drone Mapping & Analytics in The GCC.

We are the first platform in the GCC region that is challenging what is possible in the industrial world by harnessing the power of drones, AI, and machine learning. We made it our mission to turn data collected by drones into actionable insights that make the world more productive, safe, and reliable. We work side by side with businesses, enterprises, and governments to unleash the power of drone analytics. A few of the industries we serve are Oil & Gas, Agriculture, Construction, Insurance, Energy, Mining, and Environment. 

+ Fast and Speedy Results

With our end-to-end solution, we are determined to deliver actionable results at the speed of a rocket taking off. What usually takes days and weeks, we will get it done in a matter of hours. 

+ Analytics that turn the impossible into possible

Our machine learning algorithms can automatically turn aerial data into powerful insights, unleashing the hidden and the impossible. We customize our algorithms based on the industry needs.

+ No Drone ? .... No Problem

We offer an end-to-end solution that meet the industries needs. We offer both hardware and software solutions. We will bring our latest drones if you don't have one and fly it for you.

+ Take Actions, Not Decisions

We help enterprises to take actions based on the insights we collected. We will go the extra mile in presenting the analysis and explaining how they can help the enterprise with overcoming their daily challenges.

Featured Algorithms

We are always working on developing new algorithms that can meet up with industries and technology changes.

Plants Health

3D Model

2D Model

Volume Algorithm

Leak Detection


Power Lines


Elevation Algorithm

Volume Algorithm

Case Studies

Developing a 3D Model for an archaeology site to help understand the human history in the previous centuries.

Studying the health of plants throughout the year using drones and machine learning algorithms.

Mapping an old waste dump site to be removed and relocated to another location.

Aerial Inspection of Oil Pipeline


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